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1998 Honda Accord lx Looses all Power while driving

I figure its in the ignition switch. In the last past 2 months one two occasions my daughter’s car’s totally lost all power while driving. It happened once on the highway while I was on the phone with her while she was driving, she said :what was that" I asked what just happened and she replayed everything when dead and then came on in a split second. The next time was exceptionally worse, she was getting onto the highway and the car went dead and fortunately she was able to pull over on to the shoulder of the road and the car restarted and she continued on the drive and this was Yesterday 11/19/10. I just had the gas cap replaced which cleared the code a month ago and she has no service eng lights. Does anyone have or know of this problem, I am getting her Vin # and going to call Honda but I am in St Louis Ret USN, and she is in Florida Going to collage so as her father I am really worried about this and any future problems on the road.

The trouble could be with the ignition switch alright. I would first check the main power connections under the hood first for any problems, including checking and cleaning the battery connections.

yea thanks, I had John the mechanic put in a new battery Tuesday and cables replaced, w/plug wire and rotor cap but not for this purpose at the time, I think the ignition power wire(s) carries to much current to the back of the ignition switch terminals fatiguing the switch and is a somewhat know Honda problem, dealers if honest which i am hoping to find out Mon will acknowledge, and Honda may cover the repair.

“I was on the phone with her while she was driving”

You should discourage her from talking on the phone and driving.

I think it’s the ig switch too.

Anyway, with the car standing still and idling try wiggling the key and see if the engine dies.

True about not talking on the phone while driving, common sense was not exercised by me as Parent, I text-ed her to wiggle the key while idling with the car is parked, we bought the car about 3 yrs ago when she was a junior and want it to get her through collage, also just had brakes/ rotors and new front tires put on but forgot to bring up this issue. it has 148,000 mi. I recently put in a radiator while I went to visit her, had the transmission screen and fluid changed last year, so I know she has a safe/reliable vehicle to get back and forth to work. Thanks appreciate your responses

Unless it has been performed in the past, this car us under a Recall for the ignition switch.
This means she can get this done for free at any Honda dealer, both parts and labor.

There are other things that could cause this problem also (erratic fuel pump, main relay, etc.) but take care of the switch first along with any other outstanding Recalls at the same time. They’re all free of charge so take advantage of it.