Stalling 2000 Honda Odyssey

Someone smarter than me,

I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey EX that has stalled twice recently in the past week without warning or explanation. ( I also had a similar problem several years ago but the problem disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared and I just dismissed it as a fluke. ) The engine was running fine and there were no warning lights prior to it stalling. The engine started up right away and ran smoothly until several minutes later when it happened again. As before, it started up without a problem and ran perfectly and it has not happened again. When I took it to the local garage they hooked it up to the diagnostic tester and found no problems. However, they did tell me that there was a recall on my vehicle issued in 2002 for an ignition switch and they speculated that the switch could be the source of the stalling issue. When I took it to the dealership for the recall work they informed me that my VIN number was not part of that recall. I was hoping that someone might have an idea that could help solve this problem since it is potentially a very dangerous issue. Thanks to anyone that can offer any suggestions.

Fred Flintstone

Open your owners manual and look for the Honda customer service rep number and call them. Honda may decide to do the ignition switch for you anyway, but the approval must come from Honda or the dealer won’t get paid.

Yes, it could well be the ignition switch even though your vehicle wasn’t recalled. Recalls don’t always find all the faulty parts that came out of a factory. Do as Keith says.

Manufacturers try to limit recalls so they don’t have to fix all vehicles. It’s a game they play with the NTSB. It saves them money, but costs the consumer in the end.