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Honda Fit turns off while driving

I have a 2008 manual Honda fit that will turn off while I am driving and am in neutral or the clutch is all the way in. It only turns off when the car is cold or it is raining, but doesn’t do it every time I start driving. I live in Seattle so it does it all the time because it rains all of the time. I can restart the car while it’s rolling as long as I keep the clutch in. When it turns off it, the oil and battery lights turn on. Why does my car keep turning off?

The fact that the problem seems to be related to rain makes it sound like an electrical problem. An electrical component may be getting wet and not functioning properly. Could be as simple as needing new spark plug wires, new distributor cap, or coil. But only your local mechanic will be able to diagnose it precisely.

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Loose wire somewhere, I will start looking from battery cables and the ground connection. Also try scanning the computer for codes at a local parts store (for free).

One other possibility is the idle air control motor. This sort of malfunction would not be affected by the weather. If your Honda stalls (turns off) on a dry day, suspect this unit. Again, find yourself a recommenced mechanic.

It could also be the idle is a bit low because of a failing Idle Air Control or other problem, and when driving in the rain, the electrical load on the car is higher due to wipers, defogger, etc. running. With the higher drain and thus more load on the engine to spin the alternator, this could be contributing to the stalling.