Honda fit 2007 stalls on stop light when cold

During the winter months my automatic Honda Fit sport engine stalls when the car is in drive with the brake applied when on a stop light or stop sign. It most likely happens when the engine is cold. the idle decreases to 0 as I wait on the stop light. Putting it in neutral and revving the engine used to keep the engine alive but now doesn’t. The car always starts again and dies on the next stop until it warms up. My mechanic can’t figure it out.

Is the car’s Powertrain Warranty still in effect?
If it is, I strongly suggest that you take the car back to a Honda dealership.

The first thing I would check is for a vacuum leak, which is easily done with a vacuum gauge. A vacuum leak can be more disruptive to a cold engine than a warm one.
Another possibility is the Idle Air Control valve which could be acting up. This can happen without setting any codes.

Has your mechanic scanned the car for codes and if codes are present what are they?

Read this forum thread:

I had the same problem with my sis’in law’s 08 fit and it needed a valve adjustment. Others have experienced the same problem.

Hope this helps!