Ford escape windshield problem. Cosmetic? Weatherproofing? Windshield about to fall out?

The rubber/plastic around my windshield has been destroyed by the sun. Is this:
–Purely cosmetic?
–Structural and my windshield is in danger of falling out!!!

It is cosmetic, it does seal out debris. Your windsheild is not going to fall out, it is glued in place.

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That’s the trim for the windshield.

The windshield itself is glued into position.


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You never know what part is going to be defective or made cheaply when a new model comes out!

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Thanks everyone. It’ll be lower on the funding priority list. Is this a part you could replace yourself? How hard? How much? What’s the part called?

Any hints very much appreciated.

Recommend you search on YouTube for replacing the trim.

what year?

I’d just let a glass shop do it and they can check the seal at the same time. Probably have the molding in stock or will get it wholesale. Only leak I ever had was at the top though.

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It’s a 2016

I found that searching for ‘2016 Escape windshield trim’. I don’t like that those holes in the body are now exposed, not knowing where the rain will go that enters them. I’d replace the trim.


You can buy replacement windshield pillar outer trim here.


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I’m guessing those holes are there to drain the rain that runs down the windshield, through channels/tubes and onto the ground under the car. May double for fresh air inlet too. OP could pour a little water into the holes and verify the water comes out under the car.

I’d be a little concerned about water getting in there and rusting the pillar from the inside out.

Water is going to get into the cowl and fenders no matter what you do.


That link was for the Ford Explorer. I actually searched that site for Escape ones and couldn’t find them. Anyone have the part numbers I’m looking for?

Well, this isn’t promising:
2016 Ford Escape Windshield Mouldings | 2013+ Ford Escape Forum

You’re looking for the molding at the base of the windshield, correct, not on the sides?

If it’s the sides, this might work:
Windshield Molding 1pc Black for 4dr Ford Escape 2014 - 2019 Precision WSK D1920 | eBay

You can always order from a ford dealer on line even.

No. your windshield won’t fall off but are we looking at side or base moldings?

I’m guessing side moldings and at for $20 for the cheap “Chinesium” moldings it’s a no brainer.
Will look better, keep “stuff” from getting down the drain holes and probably a simple “snap in” from the same cheap OEM supplier but hey, it lasted 10 years.