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08 Honda Fit Man Stalls When Cold

I own a 2008 Honda Fit 5sp manual with 95,000 miles and have had noticed that the car will stall in cold weather. When stopping, I push the clutch in and take my foot off the gas to apply the brake. When the car stops the rpms go to zero and the car stalls. It has no problem starting again but will do this consistently until the engine is hot. It has also stalled on particularly cold/rainy days while the car is moving (over 30mph).

I can prevent the car from stalling by revving the engine, but I would need a third foot to do this while stopping.

The check engine light is off. I took it to the dealer who has not been able to reproduce the problem and says it’s operator error that is causing the engine to stall.

Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it?

thank you

My money is on a bad temp sensor. It’ll tell the ECU that the engine is warm when it isn’t and the ECU has no way of knowing it’s being lied to so it won’t store a fault code. Since a cold engine needs more gas, it stalls.