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Honda CRV turning radius

I have a 2007 Honda CRV that was making some noises when I would turn the steering. The noise was worse when I would turn sharply. Took it to a local mechanic and there was a leak in the power steering hose. They replaced the hose. They also replaced the tie rod on the right side and did an alignment.
My wife brought the car back from the shop and the noise was gone but now it doesn’t turn as sharply to the right. I can turn the steering wheel a full 1.5 turns to the left but not even one full turn to the right. Brought it back to the mechanic and they said that they propably need to replace the rack and pinion which would be a $2000 repair.
Does this sound like the right way to solve the problem? And I don’t understand why the turning radius would have been fine before they did the repair but not after if the issue is with the rack and pinion which they did nothing with the initial repair.
Any advice or insight is appreciated!

I would suggest to compare the length of the adjusted tie rod ends on both sides.

I had an experience once where the shop “adjusted” alignment on my car the way where the steering wheel would be turned substantially to one side to drive straight, they made tie rod ends of substantially different lengths, probably did not center the steering before they started to do adjustments. I made them to redo it on the spot and never went there again, sure enough.

Conceivably, if shop substantially misaligned tie rod ends to make for one full steering wheel turn, the result might have been in limiting the turning ability to one side.

Disclaimer: this is only a guess, not a professional diagnosis. You might need to get a second mechanic’s opinion.

I’d guess the actual turning radius didn’t change but I’ll guess that the rack is not centered when the tires are pointed straight ahead. That tells me the tech who did the work is lazy and didn’t install the tie rod properly or didn’t get the correct tire rod installed…

@thegreendrag0n beat me to the answer!

Let me get this straight. The car was making a noise when turning, you got what you thought was the repair, but now there is a new symptom that wasn’t there before?

Don’t let these people touch your car again. It’s time to get a second opinion from an actual mechanic who can do actual diagnostic work. If you needed a new rack and pinion, they should have told you that from the start, rather than just throw parts at the problem and take your money.

that is step 1 when you replace rack. make sure the steering input shaft is centered by turning rack fully left/right and finding center. you might assume rack is centered when delivered. you say shop thinks your rack is defective and they had nothing to do with it? they never disconnected steering column coupler from rack input as far as you know. you never touched rack. did they?