Honda CRV studders/vibrates

I have a 2007 Honda CRV AWD. The car studders/vibrates, as if driving over metal grates. Or like going over grooves in the road when moving over to the shoulder. This only happens when driving 50 mph or less. When I take my foot off the gas petal, the vibration stops, but will come back. Any ideas? Thanks!

This car is unsafe to drive. Get it towed to a good independent shop. It could be part of your front suspension is broken or damaged, such as CV joints.

This is very likely to be a symptom of problems with the torque converter lockup mechanism in the transmission. When was the last time that you had the trans fluid and filter changed?

Another vote for torque converter:

Yes, have the transmission fluid changed at a Honda dealer (because they will be sure to use the correct fluid and will not sell you a “flush” which can damage Honda transmissions.)

Then if the shudder persists, try adding a product called “Dr. Tranny’s ShudderFixx.” It really works.

If you haven’t yet done so, have the differential fluids changed.

Honda recommends replacing these fluids every 30,000 miles. When these fluids break down, it can cause a vibration in the drive train at certain speeds/conditions.

And only dual pump or dual pump fluid II can be used in these differentials.

Nothing else works.