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Honda CRV Propellor shaft

Recently told the propeller shaft on my 97 CRV. 239K is bad, option is to replace - $1000.00 or remove. Undecided - I’ve kept up maintenance/repairs, really dont want car payments…, but kinda pricey, but maybe offset by sale price - would have to inform any buyer - so lose it there, or lose in repair. Any experience is helpful.

I doubt the propeller shaft is bad. Maybe the joints on the shaft are bad. Do you have a vibration or clicking/knocking/crackling sounds? I think a second opinion is strongly warranted. If this was a quote from a dealer, get the second opinion from a good independent mechanic.

Service manager tells me the joints/propeller shaft are one unit - have to replace the whole thing.

Yeah, but do you have any symptoms?

Some driveshafts are indeed made in one piece and they are expensive to replace unless you do a workaround.
The driveshaft in my Merkur was made like this and the driveshaft was only available through the dealer at 700 bucks plus; and that was 10 years ago.

I modified it to use Subaru U-joints. Total cost about 40 bucks. If you don’t do your own repair work it will cost more.
Check the Yellow Pages under the “driveline” category and pay a visit to their shop if you have one in your area. They may be able to get around this problem for a few hundred dollars. It’s worth a shot anyway.

If you are talking about rear end With 239k I am sure you have changed fluid in the rear because if correct honda fluid is not used you will get a noise and they could try and get you to but stuff you do not need.
Is it making any noise or vibration?

No. Only indication is ‘play’ in the shaft - you can rotate the shaft when the vehicle is on a lift, or rear wheels are unweighted. Service Manager says the should be no play. I haven’t reached under to see for myself. Actually would assume some play is OK, but don’t know the amount.

Get a second opinion. I’m not convinced removing the shaft will not cause damage. I don’t know how the AWD system in the CRV works. Find an independent Honda shop away from the dealer. They may have a less expensive fix similar to what OK4450 mentioned IF the problem is the propeller shaft.

The fact that you cannot tell any problem when driving tells me you really need a second opinion before committing to anything.

Get a used shaft from a parts yard. It should run you about $300. Even if it is not new, it will be fine for a vehicle with 239k miles. Many large parts yards even offer a warranty on their parts. I just recently replaced a shaft on a CRV and the used part came with a six month warranty. Not too bad.