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Fair Price For CV Joints In a 2007 Honda Fit?

Can I get a quick reality check from the group? Honda Fit with about 100K miles about ten years old quit and was towed to a place we have come to trust (mostly). CV Joints left and right replaced. $750. Fair deal for this work

? Done and back in a day.

Wait a minute, you are an automotive writer and you need help . I thought people took advice from you.


Sounds fine to me,


Sounds good to me too. That’s the price I’d expect here in NH.
Is there a problem?

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Thanks, folks. No problem at all. Just wanted to get affirmation that this was a fair price I appreciate the quick replies.

That’s a fair estimate

go for it

The engine quit???

No. The engine was fine. The vehicle quit forward motion. And screeched according to the driver.

Yikes! I guess the price is okay, depending on the local labor rates. No matter what it would be considerably less where I live.

However, the big question is why would a car need CV joints/Axle shafts Assemblies in 102,000 miles/11years?

You’re exploding the Asian Car Myth!

I have owned, still own, several GM and Chrysler cars and vans and have NEVER replaced a CV joint or axle/cv assembly.

My Dodge Caravan is 22 model-years old and I’ve got one Impala with 300,000+ miles (17 model-years old), still on the road and several other Chevrolet and Pontiac vehicles in excess of 10 model-years and way over 100,000 miles. None need CVs or axle assemblies.

From my personal experience during the past few decades, these parts last the life-time of the vehicle.

Please tell me the car was vandalized or in a fire or something! :scream_cat:

I had two CV joints go on a Passat, one at 60k, one at 70k. My guess is that I had a habit of charging into snow/ice covered parking spots, and that would tear the CV boot, leading to later failure.

I presume they replaced the entire half shaft assemblies, not just the CV joints. The oem half shaft’s appear to go for $700 to $800 each for a manual transmission, a little less for the automatic, that’s just the parts cost, so I’d say you got a great price there. The cost for labor even seems a good deal, $99 to remove and install both half shafts? I’d guess it would take a little over an hour for each side. Not sure what a “thrust alignment” is, unless that means a front wheel alignment, so $99 seems a good prive for that too. All in all it’s a bargain.

for that price these are definitely not OEM shafts

most likely they will be just fine, but for example Subarus are very picky on CV shafts quality and if they are “too tight” in joints, you end up with terrible vibration at idle, so the better strategy for me was to replace boots and repack OEM ones

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That’s the way I’ve always done it, going all the way back to my late 70’s Rabbit. The biggest challenge is always figuring out where the ball bearings rolled to … lol … I have to do it again this summer on my Corolla so I’ll be looking for the ball bearings then too …