Honda CRV 2011 scheduled maintenance 117K miles

I have a 2011 Honda CRV due for service at 117K miles next week. It is in great running condition but wanted to get an estimate of how much to expect when I leave it for regular scheduled maintenance with the dealer. Any thoughts ??

My thoughts are that you should call your dealer and ask them for an estimated cost of maintenance.

We don’t know where you are… costs vary greatly by location.
We don’t know the condition of your car…whether it needs tires and brakes or just an oil change. Be prepared to tell the dealer that when you call.
We don’t know if you’ve had any problems with the car…you don’t say… Be sure and tell the dealer that, too.

That is a question for the place that is doing the service . The price in one area of the country can be higher or lower than where you are.

Of course you did not list what this service is going to be .

+1 to both Mustangman’s and Volvo-V70’s comments.
However, I want to add a couple of questions for the OP:

  • Has the vehicle been consistently maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule–in terms of both odometer mileage and elapsed time?

  • Have you looked at the maintenance schedule (it should be contained in either the Owner’s Manual or a separate booklet) to see what maintenance is listed for… let’s say… 120k?

All of that being said, if this vehicle has an automatic or CVT transmission, the trans fluid should be changed every 3 years/30k miles, even if the mfr doesn’t list that service. This is true for all vehicles, but it is vitally important for Hondas–which have a fairly poor record for transmission reliability.


I’m at Virginia and agree that costs vary by condition of the car but for 120K scheduled maintenance on a Honda crv, the following chart is given

Did you have the trans fluid changed at 90k miles?
Did you have the timing belt changed at 105k miles?

My suggestion is to get a price quote from the dealership for the services that are needed, and then to phone a couple of local well-reputed independent shops and get a price quote from them.

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Purchased this vehicle at 92K in 2017 and trans fluid was changed before purchase. Timing belt was replaced recently as well as brake pads

Look in the owners manual to see what is on the schedule . Otherwise they may try to tell you stuff you don’t really need . I dont know if you have something like a timing belt at that mileage but if you do start saving your money that is going to be a big chunk itself. The big thing is the timing belt , if that needs to be done then do it . You dont want that snapping which will ruin the whole engine Have the spark plugs ever been done ? Those look like they are on the 120000 mile maintenance . if not then they are due also . It really depends on what they tell you needs to done . If you have any comfort at all working on a car then do the simple stuff like changing the engine air filter and the cabin filter yourself and save a few bucks as they will charge you like $50 just to do a cabin filter .

The 120,000 mile service will cost about $250.

Why are you telling me this stuff ? I did not ask this question , VJ03 did.

Additionally, the OP already supplied most of the information that vipergg was asking about.

I would do everything listed under the 90/105/120 service intervals that I couldn’t confirm have been done. Once you have that list get a quote for it.

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You recently replaced timing belt. So, you asked shop/dealer about next service? They didn’t ask you?

There’s no reason to take this 9 year old car to the dealer. They will find all sorts of “issues”, and try to scare you into paying their inflated prices to fix the “issues”.

Take it to a local mechanic and tell them what you want done. It’ll probably be 1/2 the price of the dealer.

OP, I thought that all 2011 CRVs came with timing chains, not belts. (We used to have one) Are you sure that maintenance schedule is for an '11

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I think you’re right, from what I can find CRVs had timing chains from about 2002 on. So the OP needs to find a correct maintenance schedule.

That said, I would want to make sure that all fluids have been changed and the valves adjusted.

Yes, timing chain. I checked again and it hasn’t been replaced. Any reliable service mechanic in the Virginia area who doesn’t put a deep hole in the pocket? Thanks for all your invaluable inputs

You don’t need to change the timing chain.

I think Virginia is a rather large area so how far are you willing to go for this routine service ?

Seriously , that is what online rating sites and asking friends , relatives and coworkers where they received good and reasonable service.

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I could have asked if he paid $800 for timing belt. And wonders if 100k service is $250? I don’t what what they did for “timing belt” service. Or what he paid. Maybe it was SERP belt?