Honda CRV Maintenance

We have a 2002 Honda CRV with just under 50,000 miles. We have done little scheduled maintenance on it other than oil changes and tire replacements as we drive it relatively little and it exhibits few problems. What type of preventive maintenance should we do at this point to keep it running well? Our mechanic always recommends a million things which can be rather costly so we’d like to know what is really important to do.

There should be a maintenance schedule with the owner’s manual. The schedule will have mileage and/or time intervals. “Whichever comes first” is the rule.

Maintenance is less costly than repair, and skimping on maintenance is false economy.

If your CR-V has All Wheel Drive rear differential oil changes are very important, and only the correct Honda lubricant should be used.

Please tell us why you don’t trust (and follow) the instructions in your owner’s manual and we’ll go from there.

Follow the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual. If you don’t have the owner’s manual, buy a shop manual at an auto parts store. It will have the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

As per the above posts, all cars need regular mainteance. If you buy a new car and keep it till the end of its design life you will spend the same amount as the purchase price for maintenance, tires, and repairs!!! EVERY CAR IS DESIGNED THAT WAY!!

If that scares you, let me explain. The economic life of a well maintained Honda is 300,000 miles at least. My brother drives a 1987 Honda with over 300,000 miles on it. It’s still reliable. Without proper maintenance you will likely have to scrap it at 150,000 miles due to very expensive repairs! So you are throwing away more than one half the value of your car in order to save a few hundred dollars in maintenance.

Just because you drive less, does not mean you can get away with not doing the maintenance specified in the MANUAL. Please read it first and then you don’t have to listen to what the mechanic says. Some mechanics will specifiy services you don’t need. The reason your Honda has been reliable is because it is a very reliable car! But as cars age, they need more care if they are to last any length of time. If you keep going the way you have been, your CRV will become VERY UNRELIABLE.

If you gave me your CRV, I would do at least the following:

  1. Flush the cooling system and replace the coolant.
  2. Replace the timing belt, check all hoses and drive belt, and probably chage the water pump.
  3. If automatic, change the transmission fluid and filter.
  4. Change the differential oil

So you need to do more things than changing the oil to make your car last.