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Honda CR-V SE 2011 with 34,000k

Hello, I own a 2011 Honda cr-v se 4wd and so far the vehicle has been good to me. I got it with 7 miles on it. Now, after 14 months 1 week, 4 days and some hours, the vehicle has 33,450 miles, and the only services I did up to today is change the engine oil (every almost 7,000 miles when my oil life indicator goes down to 15%) and the air filter (was bad) and tires because they went down to 3.2. My daily commute to work is about 82 miles round trip…6 miles on a dirt road, 84 miles freeway and 2 miles city drive. The 84 miles freeway is down the hill where I live in the mountains, the average mpg is 30-31. At this moment nothing else shows up on my display board, nothing. I read my owners manual and I don’t find any more information about what other services my vehicle may be required for this mileage. I am a careful driver. I don’t accelerate hard or brake sudden, and I drive between the speed limit, my friends said I drive too slowly. Any advice or comments will be appreciated.

I would follow the recommendation expressed here.


Since you bought the car new, you have an owner’s manual for it. All the information you seek is in this little book. Check the glove box.

By the book you are due for a 30k which in my opinion is excessive. It’s a full fluid and filter exchange. Every filter, every fluid gets replaced with new.

Actually wait till it drops to 10% and it will indicate the actual service required. It will display something like A1 or B16 blah blah. Your owners manual or google will indicate the service required.

Also you may be able to access the current service required if you did not already reset your oil life monitor. Check your owners manual and it may indicate the next service required during the reset. Just prior to reset the oil life monitor it shows you the required service if >10%.

With 6 miles on dirt you fall into severe service btw.

Your maintenance minder is supposed to spell out letters and numbers that the manual would say what they mean, ie ATF change, Tire rotation, etc.
I have the link to the “old” schedules, not found in your manual. Ignore the engine oil change since they have gone to the 0W-20 in your car which is semi-synthetic.
I have the same car, only with 4K miles.

Hello There; thank you for all your comments. i went yesterday to the dealer to do the oil change and they told me when my oil life get down to 50% i will see on my dashboard some more lights, numbers and letters, that means other services besides oil the vehicle will required. Was a peace of mind because i told then so far nothing show up.