Honda CR-V starting problem

My 2004 CRV has had an ongoing, sporadic problem of the engine not starting. The key turns the ignition and it initially sounds like it normally would, but does the engine does not start. I must wait for a minimum of 5 minutes to try again, and then it(usually) starts up normally. It has been doing this since I purchased the car brand new. The oxygen sensor, PGM F1, main relay, primary relay, ECM, along with the fuel pump assembly, relay, and battery have all been replaced over the years, however the problem still persists. Naturally, the dealer cannot replicate the problem in the shop, because it is not predictable, and often the diagnostic check does not show any errors. I want to get this resolved before my 100,000 mile warranty is up. I have 78,700 miles now.

Has anyone else had this problem, and how was it solved? Any ideas from anyone? I am pretty frustrated by this!