Honda CR-V door replacement

I backed my car out of garage but rear passeneger door was open and it collided with the garage wall.looks like the door hinge is broken and even though i can close it, the alignment is off and there is a 5-6 inch gap between door window and roof. I have a 500$ deductible. Anyone can provide any info if its better to pay out of pocket to get the door replaced or pay the deductible to go through insurance -its a 2014 crv, in good condition with no other damage.

I say use your insurance . It will cost a lot more than 500.00 to fix this door properly. Even if you get a rate increase ( which will not be much and won’t last forever ) you will still be money ahead .

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Depends, if you can find a door in the right color, and any other pieces you need from a wrecking yard, and can do the work yourself, you may be able to do it for less then your deductible.

If you can’t do the work yourself, I’d use insurance

Get an estimate from a body shop and then make your decision. I assume that you’ve also bent the door jamb where the hinges are attached, so I think this will be well over $500.