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Mazda Door damaged


My car door got hit in my parking garage. It bent the passenger door and that door can no longer be opened.

Is there any way to fix this and open the door without replacing it completely? I would rather not pay 1000$ for my deductible if possible.

Thank you!

Take it to a collision repair shop and let them look at it and estimate what it would cost to repair it correctly and IF it can be just repaired enough to open. At that point you can either pay your deductible or fix it so it opens or don’t fix it. Your choice.

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Are you sure your deductible is 1000.00 ?
Also agree with Mustang about getting an estimate because that is the only way to actually know.

A photo is helpful, but that one is too close up. One that shows more of the door(s) would really help.

Also, it is customary when discussing cars to post the model & model-year along with the make (Mazda).

If there’s much damage then I’d shop for a pre-owned door (same make, model, model-year) and preferably in that color with the same interior trim/options. It’s a tough search to find one like that, but I’ve done it.

Then, unless the door framing/car body are also damaged form impact the car door can be hung relatively easy, as a DIY or by a shop (fairly inexpensively).

I managed a body shop for a couple of years and I’d prefer the integrity of a good used factory door over a repaired or reskinned or new door, personally.

All collision centers around me (Houston). Have given me estimates to replace the door. However when I ask the to just fix it enough to open it they tell me they can not quote that. They tell me it can be done but they want to do replace the door. Then say it’s because of liability and warranty issues.
I don’t understand why they say the door can be opened without replacing, but then won’t tell me how or how much. They are all really nice people, but will only give me a quote in completely replacing


The body shops answered your question…

What is the highest estimate ? Also as I posted before ask your insurance what your deductible really is . Sometimes the deductible for this kind of damage is less than what it would be if you ran your vehicle into a tree.

did shop say hinge post is bent? a used door might get you going. none will do that?

See where the lower part of the door is already touching the interior metal? Work a pry bar inbetween and pry them apart. The door will probably now open if you pry them apart enough. The bigger issue is it will never seal properly and water will be able to get inside. That door might be able to be worked back into shape but the labor cost would be astronomical. Only feasible if you have the skills to do it. Otherwise, that door needs to be replaced along with the fender work to make the seams match again…

Actually, the bigger issue could be trying to get the door closed. We seldom tried to open jammed/bent doors or hoods unless the car was being parked for repairs for that reason.

That could explain the “open” vague estimate for repairs given Josh_Puckett.


That’s what most insurance companies would specify… a used door. However, I still don’t know make, model, model-year, despite asking.

You should call the cops, for one thing. That wasn’t a hit, it was some lowlife either trying to pop the door off its hinges, or just vandalize it with a crow bar. You should check with garage management to see if they have security cameras.

To me, it appears to be the type of damage that would happen if somebody had that door partly-open while the car was backing-up, and the door hit a concrete post.

Except that that appears to be the front of the door, not the back. You can see the door handle on the opposite end, and also part of the side mirror directly above the damage.

It’s the front as the hinge is visible. Not sure who would pry on the front of the door to gain access…I was trying to think what is low enough to impact that area and bend the fender inward while peeling back the door. Most front facias don’t have enough substance to do that kind of damage without leaving something behind. A trailer hitch backed into it perhaps??

In retrospect, I now see that it was the leading edge of the right front door. For some reason, it initially looked to me like the left rear door.

It’s kinda hard to tell but it looks like the fender is pushed in a little and the bumper of whatever hit it just peeled the door back. I guess if it were me and I didn’t want to pay much to fix it, I’d get the hammer and dolly out and form it back in place. But the fender will need to be pulled out again and likely that door hinge is bent so you almost have to pull the fender off anyway to replace it.

I don’t know how he did it but the neighbor kid came by all upset that his dad was going to eliminate him because he screwed the door up. The fender was just pushed in a little causing the door to catch. So about 5 minuted pulling on the fender by hand to straighten it out again and all was fine. He could go home.

If you want a cheap job done. instead of the collision shops, maybe just find a guy doing body work in his driveway for a quick fix-at least to get it working again. Just stop at a NAPA or place that sells automotive paint and ask for a couple names. At least the ones that are still alive from using protective gear spraying the new paint.