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Honda clock beeping

Two days ago I set my clock and now it beeps every 5 minutes. How do I stop the beeping? The car has 88,000 miles and this has never happened before.

What year? Are you sure it’s the clock? I’ve had 4 Hondas in the past 6 years ranging from 88 to '07 and none of them had a clock that beeped.

If TV has taught us anything, it is that your car is counting down to detonation. You can confirm this for certain if you see a flashing red light anywhere.

IMHO,automobile clocks have always been a pain. In the old days of spring driven, electric wind clocks, they never seemed to keep accurate time. I just pulled the fuse for the clock so that the clock would be right twice a day. I think manufacturers ought to put sun dials on the hood. The numerals could be lighted so that the sun dial could be read at night.

You might check the owner’s manual for your clock. It may have a built-in timer.

with sundials they must be pointed North… hard to keep driving North and the clock looses time if you drive South.