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Honda Civic With Odd "Brushing" Sound

Hi All,

I have a 2000 Honda Civic EX with approximately 170,000 miles on it and recently, it has started making a very strange “brushing” sound that correlates with my acceleration in the car. It normally starts around 2,000 RPMs and continues as long as my RPMs climb but the second I let off the gas, the sound goes away (I have included links to recording of the sound at the end of the email). Along with this, my shifts have become a bit harder. When I took it to my dealership, they told me it was the transaxle and that it would be about $2000 to fix. I should add that my my check engine light is not on, my transmission fluid was flushed at 110,000 miles and still pink (and doesn’t smell burnt), and my transmission fluid is at a good level. I was wondering if you had any other ideas about what this sound could be, if the transaxle even made sense, and how much I should expect to pay to replace this. Is this a job I can do myself? Just for reference, I replaced my timing belt so I may be able to do it my self.

Also, and on the same car, ever since I bought the car, my headlights have burnt out ever 6 months, whether they’re installed by the dealership or me. Should I unhook the eyes and clean them?

Best Regards,