2011 honda civic ex

My cousin has a 2011 honda civic ex A/T and when he lets off the gas his transmission makes a quick knock noise. It’s not too loud but it’s very noticeable. Shifts fine and everything. Also it sounds like he is forcing his transmission from park to reverse. We hear a lot of noises not so much grinding noises but a lot of movement I guess you could say. But it engages quick. Is this normal or should we take it in? I have had multiple people tell me it’s all normal. But it doesn’t sound normal to me.

“Also it sounds like he is forcing his transmission from park to reverse”

I have no idea what that part means.

In general though, if I had to guess, it sounds like there is a broken engine or transmission mount.

It’s a 2011, so it’s been around about 4 years. Is any of this new? Or is the car perhaps new to your cousin? Has anyone checked the transmission fluid?

@cigroller‌ he recently bought it around 3 weeks ago. Yes all fluids were checked and all fine. What I mean by it sounds like he’s forcing it from park to reverse I’m saying that when doing that the transmission sounds like it’s being forced. You can hear noises that really shouldn’t be heard. They aren’t necessary grinding noises but of that sort. You can REALLY hear it engaging

Have him pop the hood. Prop it up and stand off to the side (one or the other of you). Set the parking brake firmly (and perhaps even block the wheels - I’m paranoid). Start it up and watch while it is put into gear. The engine and all shouldn’t really move very much if at all. With the parking brake on and a foot firmly on the brake (and not pointed at any people or brick walls), and the car in gear, give it some throttle. Don’t do it a lot or for a long time. Just rev it up some briefly while in gear. The engine shouldn’t really move. If the thing is jumping around in there and you’re hearing noises it probably needs an engine or transmission mount or two.

In general, if he’s only owned it for 3 weeks I would not take any of it to be normal. So if you don’t find anything yourself then take it someplace.

@cigroller‌ I will most definitely try that. Thank you