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Honda Civic wheels falling off theory?

I recieved in the mail a notice from my Honda dealer saying that they need me to bring in my Honda for an inspection call. They mentioned that it was said that many peoples wheels fell off their car.

First off, recall letters come from the manufacturer, so if you received a letter from the dealer, they’re trying to sell you something.

That said, there is in fact a recall for the ABS sensor seal on certain Canadian-made models (check the mfg’s label on the driver’s door jamb for place of manufacture). That seal can fail and allow water to enter the wheel bearings. This isn’t something that will happen suddenly - failing wheel bearings make a grinding noise for days/weeks/months and should alert you that something is wrong.

First off if you got a letter in the mail from honda about a recall that means it applies to your vehicle. They pinpoint which vehicles that recall applies to and sends a letter to those customers. Now if its a recall there will be no charge and they will not sell you parts because it is a manufacturing issue. And if they are willing to send letters to these customers they mean business and it should be taken seriously, no matter how ridiculous it is. I work in a general motors dealership and we had a recall on the window regulator bolts on pontiac vibes, yes bolts. They old bolts didnt have lock washers on them and when the customer brought their vibe in with letter in hand all we did is put the new regulator bolts in with lock washers. So what im saying is if they were serious enough to open a recall on something the issue shouldnt be taken lightly.