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Honda Civic starts but won't stay running

1992 Honda Civic Starts fine but kills as soon as you release the key. Hold the key in the position with the starter motor running and it keeps running. In the old days we would replace the resistor on the firewall. Today?

Faulty ignition switch or blown ignition fuse.

1992 IS the old days. Does your CVCC not have a ballast resistor?

Most likely the igniter/ignition module in the distributor has failed.

The ignition module functions in two modes. These are the start and run modes. When starting the engine the ignition module is in the start mode and allows full battery voltage to the ignition system. This insures there’s a hot enough spark when starting a cold engine where the fuel mixture is rich. Once the engine starts and the ignition switch moves to the run position, the ignition module switches to the run mode. The module then steps the voltage down to the ignition system. This done so the secondary ignition components don’t burn up from too high of voltage.

So the ignition module may be working in start mode, but failing in the run mode.