89 Honda Civic SI Will Not Start

I have a 89’ Honda Civic SI. When I put in the clutch and turn the key, the engine will turn over but not start. 5yrs ago I had a ignition switch replaced. It fixed the problem but I am now having the same problem. Once I get it started it stay’s running. Is this switch something I can replace myself? Also note, that on hot days, I have had trouble starting it, on cool days it start no problem. Thanks

See if you have spark. If you do, the problem is not in the ignition switch. If you do, you need to find out if you have voltage on the primary. If so, the suspects are the distributor (specifically the igniter portion), or the coil itself. Diagnbosis can be done with a scope.

There are a whole list of other possibilities for your problem. They range from a bad temperature sensor to a plethora of other suspects. Is this Throttle Body Injected? Perhaps the injector is gummed up and/or sticky.

Try turning the key to “on” rather than “start” a few times. Perhaps you injector is leaking air in and allowing the fuel to drain back out of the fuel line when the system is off.

The symptom of a no-start on hot days is a known problem with Hondas. When the cabin is hot, the PGM-FI relay, which is located under the sun-heated dash, doesn’t allow starting until it (the relay) has cooled. It (the PGM-FI relay) is cooled by letting the cabin cool by opening windows/doors for a few minuets. A more permanent fix is to replace the PGM-FI relay if checks eliminate other possibilities.