Honda Civic 1996 (Won't start)

I have a 1996 Honda Civic. Up until Monday morning everything was running great. For some odd reason the engine doesn’t seem to be getting gas into the engine. Everything else seems fine; the engine turns over; the battery is strong; I have gas in the tank; I checked the fuses and they all look great; the starter works.

Like I said it worked great up until yesterday morning. This is the first incident of this kind, it’s never happened before. Please advise and or suggest a solution.

I don’t have money for a garage to look at it, so if you please make a lot of suggestions so I can try them all out until I get it running again.



The first things I would consider would be either a faulty main relay or the electrical part of the ignition switch.
Your first step is determining which is missing; spark or fuel. Without knowing that the number of possibilities go way up and it’s a lot tougher to guess at the problem.

You can spray some carb cleaner into the intake tract and attempt to start the vehicle. If it starts and runs for a few seconds then the fault could be the main relay, which is a known, chronic problem.
If it cranks over and still won’t even cough with the carb cleaner then it could be related to the ignition switch or the igniter for the secondary ignition.

You might try that and post any results back here. Just have to take it a step at a time.

Might be the ignition switch. Jiggle the ignition key, or turn the key ON and Off several times. Place the gear shift in neutral. Use a carb cleaner, or Starter Fluid spray in the intake tube, by pulling a small hose out, spray a two-second burst, put the hose back. Attempt to start. If it starts and runs a few seconds, and dies, for some reason the fuel injectors aren’t working. If it doesn’t run a couple of seconds, it’s may be a spark problem.

No one mentioned fuel pump. Is this never a problem with this car? There should be a pressure release valve somewhere so you can see if the lines are pressurized.