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Honda Civic LX coupe front struts, boots and control arm bushings

I have a 2001 Honda civic LX coupe 110,000 miles. I have a pretty bumpy ride.

My two front stuts are blown, the boots are ripped and all the oil has leaked. I recently found out that apparently the control arm bushings have cracked too. I was just planning to change the struts and boots, as changing the control arm and bushings are pretty steep pricy. Any comments if I not change the control arm bushings

I would say have the work done. I just got rid of my 93 civic last july with over 300,000 (Don’t know for sure the odometer quit working.) The catch is you don’t need new control arms, you just need new bushings. Buy a bushing kit ( and find a mechanic who will install them. I did this, $60 for bushings $50 for installation. Much cheaper than new arms. This car has a lot of life in it if you maintain it. Good luck.

Also you might as well have the upper ones done too as they will be next to fail.

Civics 2001 and newer use a McPherson Strut, so no upper bushings.

Yes, by all means check out majestic Honda’s parts dept and buy the bushings not the full arms, it saves oodles of money. Definitely get the bushings done as you cannot reliably align the car with blown bushings.