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How much should control arms and bushings cost?

Hello! My Honda Civic DX (2002) is bouncing all over the place! The mechanic wants to charge close to $800.00 to replace two control arms and bushings. This is too much, right?

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“Bouncing all over the place” is not a sympton that I would typically associate with worn control arm bushings in a 2002 Honda. I have seen some pretty good steering wheel vibration caused by worn control arm bushings. What is your mechanic saying about shocks, perhaps he is saving the bill for shocks after the control arm job does not stop the bouncing.

I’d get another opinion before I agreed to this. How many miles on this car?

Bouncing is usually a spring or strut issue. Replacing the control arms seems a bit drastic. Has there been crash damage of some sort?

I agree that it is not your control arms, but if it were, then $800 sounds about right. That should be the out the door price including a 4 wheel alignment.

Bouncing all over the place could be due to bad struts or excess air pressure in the tires. Cold air pressure should be no more than 35 psi. The temp for cold air is 72?F. Drop 1 psi for every 24?F below this temp. Check your door panel for the recommended pressure.