Compliance arm bushing

my wife drives a 2003 Honda Civic took it in and the dealer says there is a tear in the compliance arm bushing. is this hard to replace? any special tools? how many hours?

It maybe easiest for the do-it yourself-er to purchase a new control arm with the bushings already installed. You will also need to put a new ball joint on as well. The total coast of parts less the $100.00 on line.

I would get a second opinion from an independent mechanic. This is the sort of thing dealers use to generate profits.

What’s your level of expertise?

Locate a service manual for your Civic and read through the procedure. Then you can decide how hard it is.

I wouldn’t undertake this project in my garage.

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thanks everyone for all your help I’ll look into this more and get a non-dealer to look at it. I have a mechanics background but in aviation which is a little different. You guys are the best. I love Car Talk and can never get enough of the great stories that come from the show. Thanks again