Honda Civic in snow



Am moving to Maine from North Carolina and am wondering how the new Civics handle in snow. Will be commuting 50 miles to work several days a week.


With winter tires incredibly well.

I previously owned a Civic that served me for 9 years/225000 miles and equipped it with Nokian WR tires and never an issue. The Nokian WR’s are basically all-seasons that rated as winter tires. The cost is on par with top tier brands premium tires (eg Michelin/Bridgestone) but well worth it.


My 99 Civic was not good in snow here in MN and WI so I bought 4 snows on steel wheels and swap fall and spring. Big improvement! If you intend to keep the car it is well worth it.

I mentioned this to a Honda salesman the other day as I was looking at new ones. He said his niece drives a lot on her job. She did the same thing. He said she gets 40 MPG highway with her new Civic.


They handle fine as long as you have good all season radials or snow tires and good technique. Good technique primarily consists of leaving lots of room everywhere around you, doing everything a lot more slowly, and thinking ahead.

I also suggest that you replace (prior to winter) your windshield wipers with booted winter wipers (regular ones will ice up) and replace your wndshield washer fluid with winter mix (summer mix will freeze in the lines). And get a good scraper and snow brush well before you need it.

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Some parts of S Carolina will have given you a chance to experience snow, but I am guessing you have not. Take it very easy the first few times you drive in snow. find an empty parking lot and practice.

Before it snows, but four (4) new snow (not all weather) tyres. They will make that a good car in the snow.


A Civic should work fine with two caveats:

Get four more wheels and a set of real snow tires, not all season tires. (I have seen too many vehicles with all season tires stuck on a hill in an inch of snow.) The Bridgestone Blizzak is an example, but not the only good choice.

Know when to stay home. If you get high centered, nothing else matters. Even a Hummer will get stuck if the snow is deep enough.


Thanks for the advice! If I buy the Civic I will defintely budget for winter snow tires too.


The Bridgestone Blizzak is a very good winter tire, however, it tends to wear rather rapidly. If you want a winter tire with superb traction on snow and ice while not wearing out rapidly, I strongly endorse the Michelin X-Ice tire. It is the quietest winter tire that I have ever experienced, it handles better than many conventional tires, and is really great in winter conditions. With a set of these tires, you will do just fine with your Civic.


I guess this really is my main concern. The ground clearance on the 2006-07 Civics looks awfully low to me. I’m worried that the nose will just act like a ‘cow catcher’ if I get on the highway before it’s been plowed. Along the same lines, I’m worried about changing lanes that have been rutted by larger, heavier vehicles before the plows get out. {Used to live/drive in Buffalo, NY, so I do have quite a bit of winter driving experience.}

Any comments about this issue?


It really depends on WHERE in Maine. If you’re NOT in the mountains…the all season will be fine. They only average about 40"/year. But if you live in the mountains then get all 4 snows…Some areas there can average OVER 100"/yr.


It is a “cow catcher” and the biggest issue running out of clearance. Running with winter tires gives you a large advantage however if its snowing heavy and its deep the Civic does not do all so well.

Where are you moving to Maine, its a really huge place and snow varies from very little at coast to mega snow in certain parts.

I live very near ME in seacoast NH and we get little snow.


I’ll be just outside Waterville (about 80 miles north of Portland). Does anyone know what plowing on I-95 is like?


Waterville isn’t too bad in town but Augusta in town can be challenging with the hills. The highway is good with the plowing and sanding but I don’t advise driving many back roads at night if the temperature is near freezing. There were a lot of nasty surprises last winter. There are large boulders along many roads; enough to scare you in the daytime, not to mention night. If you buy a house, get one where the front door is exposed to the South. The sun will melt the small snowfalls away.