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Winter tires for 2010 Honda Civic

Does anyone have a recommendation regarding winter tires for a 2010 Honda civic?

go to tirerack or 1010tire for tire information…

Buy four, not just two.

You can make an informed decision, based on the comparative information on the tire rack website, but if you want a specific recommendation, I can give a very strong recommendation for the Michelin X-Ice tire.

Most winter tires suffer from very rapid tread wear, as compared to “regular” tires.
However, the Michelin X-Ice, like most Michelin tires, yields much better/longer tread wear than most of its competition. It handles decently on dry roads (unlike much of the competition), is not as noisey as most winter tires, and is incredibly good on both snow and ice.

I suspect any winter tire will do a good job. I have Nokian winter tires on my '03 Civic. I bought them in '03 and they have lots of life left in them. The current model Nokian to fit your car is worth a look. They are made in Sweden and Nokian specializes in winter tires. Also Michelin, and Bridgestone Blizzaks are very good.

Expect more “tire noise” from winter tires. And the Civic transmits tire noise more readily than some other cars, therefore if you go to you can read reviews and ratings of winter tires. Pay attention to which winter tires are rated as quiet. That could be a good reason to go with one tire vs another.

If you buy on price alone, just get whatever is on sale. As far as traction is concerned you’ll be fine with any winter tire.

Only that you need not go with the most expensive to get decent winter performance. If you can accept noisier tires, some less expensive brands do well. For example; inexpensive Winter Force tires which were only average in snow, which is still much better than all terrains but they were rated very good in wet weather; a plus in winter driving around here. Extra steel rims for winter are always a plus for mounting ease.