Honda Civic 2020 too low for winter?

Hello, I have really been wanting the new 2020 Honda Civic, possibly hatchback or the Sedan. The winters here are long, I’d be putting winter tires on for the winter season but I’m wanting to know if you think that car rides too low for winter?

Here in NH there are plenty of Civic’s driving around without any problem during the winter. I have a niece who owns a Civic and lives between Rochester and Syracuse NY in a small town that averages over 200" snow a year. Owned the Civic for at least 5 years and LOVES the car.

Where do you live that’s going to need a higher vehicle?

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Thanks much I appreciate the response. Living in WI so can get quite a bit of snow sometimes. 200” that is a lot! your comment helps

Unless you are an emergency worker, you don’t have to drive in deep snow.


That is true. I do have a flexible job that I can at least monitor the road conditions and decide what days are worth/not worth driving in, thank u.

My 1999 Civic has served me well for 21 years and 195,000 miles, in Wisconsin and Minnesota all that time. Winter tires make a big diff! I never plan to drive in deep snow, but it has happened once or twice. I had to back down a hill here in Duluth and figure out a route home that had no steep upgrades. Lack of traction, even with winter tires, rather than lack of ground clearance, was the limiting factor.

If you like the car and plan to keep it, get a good set of winter tires on their own steel rims. I did that, and have summer tires, too, that are much better than the original tires.


With winter tires you’re good to go. Worked great for me for 13 years in Anchorage with a GTI.

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Thanks so much for your experience! I’ve thought a little ahead too for when we (spouse and I) take our trips through Duluth that I’d probablyHave to avoid the steep hilly roads! Your comment helped much

Awesome! Thanks for your experience/response!

FWIW, the Civic has slightly higher ground clearance than the Corolla, Mazda 3, Elantra, or Jetta. You should be fine with good tires and a modicum of sense.

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Thank you very much, that makes me feel better about my possible decision

What are you driving now ? You can do a web search for the specs on your current vehicle ( ground clearance ) and also on any thing you might want to purchase.