Driving Honda Civic in Wisconsin winter weather


Before I buy a new Honda Civic (possibly a Hybrid), can anyone advise me on how the vehicle performs in snow and icy conditions? Many thanks for your responses!


My daughter’s Civic does great here in New Hampshire. The keys are good tires with lots of tread and good technique. Good technique simply means keep the windows as clear and clean as possible, do everything much more slowly, plan ahead, and leave lots of room between you and everyone around you. And in a blizzard stay at a hotel.

  • mountainbike


Be ready to buy a set of real winter tyres (not all weather) and everything will be fine. Those super low resistance tyres that most hybrids get are fine in the summer but miserable in snow and ice.


With the right tires the civic will be a great winter car. If the snow is deep enough to drag against the bottom of the car, stay home. Otherwise you should be fine.


My 1999 Civic was less than satisfactory on snow in WI. After the first winter I bought 4 Michelin winter tires on steel rims. Dramatically better, more secure snow traction and handling. Every fall and spring I switch.


my current winter car is a 1990 CRX, which is much lighter and lower than the new civics. It rocks in the winter (I’m in WI too). The newer ones should be even better since they have higher ground clearance. But earlier posters are correct – - decent winter tires are a must, and deep snow will get it stuck - -but then that’s true of just about anything but a 4x4 truck.