Hood and Latch

I have a 1998 Honda Civic and lately every time I open the hood and try to close it the hood wont close all the way. It latches enough that you can’t open the hood without pressing the lever to open it, but not enough that you can’t still get to the latch lever. Please help!

Try cleaning and lubing the latch assembly. Most cars need this doen when they get older.

Soak the latch with some PB Blast. After it gets loosened up lbe it with white lithium grease.

If neither of the above work, then open the hood and look on the crossbar just in front of the radiator. One each end, you will see a rubber bumper on top of a threaded rod. Thread these down a turn and try again. Repeat until the hood latches. If the hood gets real sloppy but still doesn’t latch, and you have done the above, then you may need some professional intervention from a body shop.

Check the free play of cable too. Spray a little WD45 on what you can see and wipe off the dribbles. Work the lever a bunch of times.

I would use something different than WD40. It will gum up and only exacerbate the problem.