Car only heats properly left side of steering wheel

Hello, was wondering if anyone had any advice or have heard of this problem before. I have a 2008 Honda Civic with 120 thousand kilometres on it so it’s relatively new. The vent near the door blows hot air, the one to the right of the steering wheel blows warmish air, still warmer then the passenger side, the passenger side gets to maybe 0 degrees, (I live in a cold province) so it’s good enough to keep me alive. I’ve checked the heating core and it’s seems to be working properly, the car blows air very well so the vents seem to be doing there job. I’ve checked all 3actuators and they are moving when I change the air settings. I’m really at a loss here, I have no idea. Maybe it’s a damper door that is stuck on the inside of the dash? Taking any suggestions before I take it in, thanks! Also, the AC works perfectly fine

Maybe the heater core is starting to clog? The colder vents corresponding to areas of the core with greater blockage… Not sure if that’s possible, but I’m not sure what else it might be if all of the actuators are indeed working. I’m assuming this isn’t a “dual zone” climate control system where you can set the passenger and driver side temp independently?

I checked the tubes running from the heater core and they both warm up, I thought that might be the problem too. If it’s partially clogged will it still warm those tubes up? It is not duel climate control

It could possibly still warm the heater core inlet and outlet and the core be partially clogged. Like the bottom of the core is clogged, so coolant doesn’t go through the bottom portion, it just bypasses that area and goes out the outlet tube, for example.

I’m not certain that is your issue, though, by any means.

Similar (although opposite) thing happened with a car that I own, except it was the AC. Vents to the passenger side were cold and got warmer and warmer towards the driver side. I found out it was just low on refrigerant. Seemed odd. I guess certain areas of the AC core (evaporator core) received enough refrigerant to get cold, other areas enough to get cool, other areas enough that the air remained warm, and the vents that got air from those corresponding areas were the same.

I believe it’s your blend door actuator that’s the problem. what happens when you put your defroster on? does it blow out hot on both sides?

The automatic temperature control module may have failed.


Heater core hoses warm up? Describe warm up. The hoses should be hot with a warmed up motor. If you can touch hoses you can flush them out. A 2008 is not new. Ever changed coolant?