Honda Civic 2002 - lots of noises

My civic recently started making a strange noise so I took it in, but they weren’t able to find anything wrong. The noise is a strange tinny sounding rattling that at times seems to be coming from the right front of the car. It seems to get worse when turning the wheel to the left but otherwise is fairly unpredictable. I can drive for a while without hearing it, and then other times it is constant. Sometimes it kind of sounds like one of those rain sticks magnified, or a sprinkler or something.

Also, suddenly I’m hearing another noise. This is more of a high-pitched whining/squeeling noise when I back up. I’m planning to take it in again on Friday, but I’m worried that they won’t find anything again.

The car has 70,000 miles and hasn’t had any previous problems/accidents. It seems to be driving just fine despite these strange noises.

My guess is that the first noise may be a CV joint and the second is definitely a wear indicator on the brakes. However, I’d get the brakes done and see if both noises go away. There’s an excellent possibility that they’re both from the wear indicator.

What are the CV joints, and are they expensive to fix?

odd ball thoughts.

often small stones get caught underneath (actually between) the exhaust heat guards. they sound really rattley sic?. there are probably two of these on your car, one around the catalytic converter, and one around the resonator chamber further back.

secondly, your car is pretty new, but on the outside chance the tin brake rotor guard (simply a debris shield) may be rusted and contacting (sometimes) the rotor. by chance have you run over anything lately?

the brakes sound like they need to be looked at too. the screeching make be the brake early warning chirp springs letting you know that… you need brakes!

when was the last time the brakes were done?