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91 Civic Farting/rubbing noise when I turn?

So I was driving to work this morning which I do everyday. 250k miles on my civic. And when I turned right at the last light my car decided to make horrible rubbing / farting noise when I made the turn. It didn’t make this noise on any of the previous turns.

I replaced the bearing on that side of the car last year or so but it doesn’t sound anything like a bearing going out. It’s not grinding noise at all. Definitely a noise based on rotation though it was louder and faster when I turned at 25 and was slower when I turned slowly into the parking lot.

My only guess is my CV’s perhaps? I know my right CV has been going out for awhile it makes a nice pop/crack sound occasionally when I put it in reverse.

My drive everyday is 30 miles one way all freeway with no traffic. I’m at work now so I still need to get home, hoping it will survive that long so I can get it to my garage.

Anyone have anymore info on if I’m on the right line of thought here?

Yes, the CV joint is a definite possibility, but the noise could also be coming from a tire that is rubbing on the fender or fender liner. I suggest that you check your lug nuts and that you also take a look to see if a fender liner has become dislodged.

Everything is fine in the wheel well. I felt all around and there is nothing loose or hanging down I could rub on.
If its my CV, do you think my car will spontaneously burst into flames on my way home? Or will I probably be fine and just have to deal with annoying sounds as I turn?

Whether this noise is from the CV joint or not, I hope you realize that deferring the CV replacement will not wind up costing you any less money, and in fact, it has the potential to wind up costing you more money.

When the joint snaps (not if it snaps) you will be stranded. Being stranded inevitably results in having to pay for towing, and it can result in other problems. If it snaps while rushing to the hospital, or while on your way to a job interview or other important appointment, that can be a life-altering experience. If it snaps while you are driving at high speed, it can cause you to get into an accident.

Isn’t scheduling this repair at your convenience worthwhile, as opposed to having to deal with this breakdown in an inconvenient location, at an inconvenient time?

I’m really just talking about getting home since it only started making the terrible sound once I got to work. I know the CV will have to be replaced eventually and will cost the same no matter what.

Watch the strut tower while someone steers left to right. You might lay your hand on the tower while the wheel is steered and feel the friction if there is no visible indication. But the thrust bearing that the strut rests in seems a likely cause for the flatulance.

Are there any rub MARKS on the liner? Maybe it doesn’t have to be loose, but you are just reaching it

Trying to get my axles ahead of time and they have 23 and 27 spline. Any easy way I can tell which one I have? I knwo I could see once its ripped appart but what good is that???