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1996 honda accord Check Engine Light ON and blinking ! help!

hello my Honda accord 96 shows the the engine light blinking and sometimes solid, not only that. also the engine stalls, Hesitates to stay ON and the engine sound is not normal

please help

thank you

If your check engine light is blinking, it means that damage can be done if you don’t immediately pull over and shut the car off. You will need to get the code read by someone with a scan tool. There is no short cut for figuring that out, unless you can see something obvious like a plug wire off, or something unhooked, etc. This is serious.

If we were back in the era of Morse Code, that Check Engine Light (CEL) would be flashing S.O.S. You need to get this car to a competent mechanic a.s.a.p. because a flashing CEL cannot be ignored without causing more damage than has already taken place.

One word of caution–DO NOT take the car to any chain operation (Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, etc.) unless you want to be overcharged for unnecessary repairs that are poorly done. Ask friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbors for a recommendation on an honest independent mechanic.

thank you guys for the reply, i check inside the hood and I found out that the one of the wires that goes in the distribuitor was disconnected, I plugged back in and the car runs smooth as before
thanks again your answers

Wouldn’t checking under the hood be something you’d do before you fire up the computer and ask for help on a web site? Glad you figured it out.

Tow it in and we’ll look at er. To not drive, to get the code read. Spoken by the Groac to Retief I guess. The Groaci don’t take chances. When they found out that their sun would nova in about two million years, they started the move to another planet.