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Honda check engine light problem/shift selenoids?

i posted my situation on here before and now its getting worse. to recap: i have a 2001 honda accord EX…a month ago the check engine light all of a sudden started flashing and when it would, the car would hardly get any power…you could get it to speed up but your foot had to be to the floor to get it to climb up…it wouldn’t go fast. then all of a sudden the check engine light would go off and it would kick in and drive fine all day. then it would start all over again. took it to get it scanned and nothing showed up. took it to the garage, where they drove it for 2 weeks and said that it was first the distributor…then it wasn’t that…it was the “A and B shift selenoids” and that the scanner told them that. i have a hard time believing that as NO ONE can get any kind of code to come up whatsoever. anyway…they replaced those, and flushed my system three times. $735.00. said to come and get it and it wouldn’t hardly drive off the lot! so then they said it was the computer and that would be an extra $500. at this point…i took the car back and took it to honda. they couldn’t get a code to come up either and gave me the car back. its doing all the same things only worse now. i have another appointment for honda monday but there is no direction to move in, seemingly! does ANYONE have any ideas i can give to the honda garage…a direction for them to go in since the approach to finding out what the problem is seems to be slapdash at best? the light still goes on and off, but no codes are stored in the history and nothing shows up on the scan tool…but something is definitely wrong.

The V6 version of this Accord has a well known automatic transmission problem that usually results in a very expensive transmission transplant. Is this 4 or 6 cylinder?

4 cylinder. so its definitely transmission? its already cost me so much money i didn’t have…to NOT fix the problem.

When a Honda has a blinking engine light it is Hondas way of telling you that the issue resides in the Transmission…this is in your owners manual as well I believe. A normal engine code will light the CEL light steady. When you had the blinking light and no power it was in Limp mode to protect the transmission until you got the issue looked at or repaired…it only does this when it detects a severe issue (or perceived severe issue) that warrants the limp mode be engaged. It may be an ez fix if it is a solenoid issue

I would tell the Honda guys that the transmission computer is trying to tell them something now I dont know if the tranny computer holds codes or if the blinking light has to be in progress for them to figure out what the trans computer is trying to tell you…look that factoid up on the net or on the Accord site


WHile I owned my Accord I was always on this site and the guys there are very knowledgeable and eager ot help…post your question there and paraphrase my suggestion and see what info you get. I bet you get futher on that site than trying to have somone dignose this issue while it is not in progress.

If the garage was correct about the shift solenoids then you are in luck…they are small rather cheap and easy to change yourself…if one of them is having an issue you will have no ability to shift from 1st to 2nd or from 3rd to 4th gears…and when or if they have an issue the car can feel as though it is important enought to limp mode you… Go to that Accord site…Let me know if I can help further

A blinking ENGINE light is NOT an indication of a transmission problem. It has to do with a drivability problem which could immediately damage the catalytic converter/s. Just for reference, a transmission problem will cause the D4 light on the shift column to flash. If your engine light is flashing, you have a drivability issue which needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY. Whoever changed your shift solenoids because of a flashing engine light just needlessly took money out of your pocket.

The problem is not in your transmission.


wow…ok. i’ve had this problem for over a month and EVERYONE keeps driving my my car! i kept saying…“is this going to hurt my car, to drive it?” and they all were saying…its ok! now…the check engine light has gone off for a few days…it seems to be running perfect! i know something is wrong…but i don’t know how to convince the honda garage something is wrong. they gave me the car back because it went into a good phase…for 2 days…no check engine light, so they couldn’t find the problem. then…as soon as i got it home, the check engine light flashed a million times. now i have an appointment tomorrow and the check engine light is not on. could this have anything to do with anything fuel related? it seems that as soon as i get gas in it, it acts up. the other thing i was thinking was a loose wire or connection somewhere?