Honda Accord



I have a 93 honda accord with 217,000 miles on it. When i accelerate it will hit a certain rmp in a gear and will not accelerate after that. Such as fourth gear stops around 55 mph or 5th gear it will hit 80 mph and stops. It does this in every gear. It isnt a rev limitor because it has been red lined before and its not a governer because have had it higher than 80 mph. Anyone have any ideas??? Thanks


There’s a plethora of possibilities, not the least of which are the timing belt and a clogged cat converter. Are these the originals?

Really, it would take checking the aforementioned as well as things like fuel pump pressure, the ignition system (it won’t go fast on three cylinders) and a host of other things. There’s just not enough info here to venture a guess.