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Car accelerating while on cruise control

I have a 2006 Honda Accord that just today started acting weird. I was driving 70mph on the highway and noticed the car was “tugging” a bit. I looked down and the RPMs kept revving up to 5-6k and accelerating while the cruise control was set at 70. Does anyone know what this might be? It’s Sunday and there’s not a mechanic open! I need my car this week! =)

I might add that it’s never had any issues. All routine maintenance has been done regularly and it only has 63k miles on it.

I am guessing that your speed stayed constant otherwise you were accelerating to about 100 mph. But to me it sounds like the transmission is starting to slip. If it’s an automatic check the fluid and fill if needed.If it’s a stick you probably need a clutch.

Immediately stop using the cruise control. Does the car run Ok otherwise? Or does it act up even with the cruise control off?

It is an automatic and My fear was transmission. =( I’ll check the transmission fluid for sure, thanks for the tip. At my oil change 3 weeks ago they said everything was where it should be fluid-wise. It’s still only got 63000 miles on it!

Speed slowly accelerated on a flat highway. It was near 80 when I turned the cruise control off. Once I turned it off it didn’t seem to tug anymore but the RPMs kept going up up to the 4k range…I’m no good with cars but I think that seems too high (?)

Once I was in the city driving I didn’t seem to have any issues anymore.

Did you accidentally turn off the overdrive? It may have dropped out of overdrive during this acceleration event and stayed out. Once at slower speeds, it doesn’t use the OD, and things will seem normal. Have you tried it on the highway again?

Not that I’m aware of! I honestly don’t even know how to do that. I didn’t try the highway again…I was afraid to drive it further and figured I should take it back home until I figure out what the problem is.

Does your vehicle have a “resume” button? I have already driven 2 vehicles this year that had a problem with the cruise control resume button sticking. It will continue to increase acceleration to infinity if it’s stuck down. One was my own 2005 Dakota pickup and the fix was to remove the switch and give it a good cleaning. No problems since. The other was a dealer vehicle and they just replaced the switch. Both of the vehicles have steering wheel mounted cruise control controls.