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Honda Accord shutting off problem

I have a 2013 Honda Accord exl 2.4 engine. When it’s time to shut the car off and I press the start/stop button, the button indicator blinks green (this never happened before). But in order to turn the car off I’d have to press the start button twice back to back. What is it doing that all of a sudden.

I actually like that, since a single accidental push doesn’t shut everything down. Now here comes a totally uneducated guess: are you doing something different with the gear shift? Second guess: did somebody upgrade your car’s software?


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Nah I haven’t did anything different when it comes with the gears. I did however had my car on a computer to try clear the lights on the dashboard after charging my bearings. Maybe something was done without my knowledge

bearings or did you mean battery ?

My front right bearing was bad so I had it changed out

Press and hold a little longer and see what happens. If it does it again, press for a short time and see if it stops. Se. if there is anything in your user’s manual about this, but it might be there.