Honda Accord 1995

I have a '95 Honda Accord with 175,000 miles on it that I was driving on the highway this weekend. All of a sudden the engine shuts off. I do not think I lost electricity because my clock never turned off and the steering wheel still moved. No check engine lights came on and I just had the oil checked. I frantically pushed that gas in order to get the car to speed up but, this did nothing. I eventually turned the car back on and drove it home. I want to know if this could be a problem with the distributor or if it is most likely something else and if so what. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your statement “eventually turned the car back on…” is confusing. I recommend you re-state in more detail what happened and what you did. As it stands your statement is too vague to be understood.

I’ve had it to happen, and be fixed with a new distributor. For other ideas, go to: