Honda accord re-start problem

91 automatic accord will not re-start after first initial start and drive. Idled for 5 hours straight and started everytime but after driving will not. Replaced distributor. Ciol Pack?Ignition? alternator? HELP!

Idled for 5 hours straight

You idled it for five hours??? Not good for any car.

Next time have a spare spark plug handy. Remove a spark plug wire (don’t pull on the wire) and put the spare plug in it. Then hold the plug’s threads tightly against the engine while someone tries to start the car. Good blue spark means it is likely a fuel problem. Note: if you have not replace the plugs, wiles air, fuel and oil filters recently, (that is they are past due or you don’t remember) now would be a good time.

BTW that nasty shock you got holding the plug while someone turned the starter was the car’s way of getting back at you for idling it for five hours.

Also, cold you tell us exactly what happens when someone tries to start it. Not starting is not very descriptive. Does the starter move the engine, does it sound normal does it pop or sound like it may start, does nothing happen ???

The fuel filter is easy to change. It’s right behind the engine. For $7 dollars, buy (and use) an adjustable gap spark tester. No shock potential. Just plug it into the end of a spark plug wire, put the clamp on a metal area of the engine, crank the engine and watch for the spark crossing the gap. If neither spark, nor fuel, are present, the PGM-FI relay ($60) is a suspect. It’s on the underside of the dash top, near to the steering wheel.