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95 honda accord starting problem

It usually takes three times of trying to start before it actually completely starts,it starts then immediatly stalls usually twice and on the third try it starts right up,does anybody know what the problem is?..thanks in advance for your suggestions

Is the starter turning at a normal speed when the engine fails to start, or is the starter “struggling”?

How many miles are on the odometer?

When were the spark plugs and plug wires last changed?

When the engine finally starts and runs on its own, is it running normally, or is it idling roughly?

Is the Check Engine Light lit up?

starter is normal,130,000 miles,not sure on plugs and wires,runs fine once it starts,check engine light(MIL)is not working for some reason…thanks for you response.

So the check engine light never comes on, not even when you first start the car? I think it goes on just by way of a test mechanism when you first turn over the car.
That bulb may have burned out but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t throw a code.
You may want to go to pepboys or autozone to get the code pulled for free.

Does it start the same way when you park it for just a little while? Or does it start badly only when parked for longer?

its the same if sits for 5min or 5 hrs,and no the MIL light never comes on,someone(former mechanic) told me he thought it could be cam or crank sensor…