Honda Accord halfshaft won't go all the way in

I’ve just put an engine in a 93 Accord with manual transmission. The driver’s side halfshaft went in just fine, but the passenger side one will only go in about halfway. I suspect that I’m at the point where the snap ring needs to be compressed to slip into it’s groove, but I can’t seem to be able to pop it in. Any ideas? There’s not much leverage under there to push it, and nothing other than the end of the axle to bang on, and I don’t want to mess up my CV joints.

Tap the end of the axle with a rubber mallet or a piece of wood. You won’t hurt it.

A trick I use when installing halfshafts into the transaxle is, position the halfshaft so the opening of the cir-clip is pointing up before installing the halfshaft. If still doesn’t snap into the transaxle, then I grab my dead blow plastic mallet and smack the end of the halfshaft to force it in.


Thanks! I rotated it back and forth to make sure the splines were lined up, tapped it in with my 3lb “dead blow” hammer. Don’t know why it wouldn’t go before, but maybe it was just walking away for a while! In any event, it’s in, without undue force.