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G6 half shaft issue

Passenger half shaft not going all the way in. I even tried removing the snap ring, it still not all in.
Looks about 1/4" more to go…

Also, it’s a reman shaft from DETROIT AXLE
So I probably have the standard when I need the Auto…
Is it safe to use for now?
It’s my only working transpo.

Wonder if they’ll exchange it…?

There’s a difference between the automatic and manual transmission half shafts.


Do you think it’ll be alright if I drive it the way it is ?

The lock pin is engaged and it does seal itself to the tranny,

I’m well aware what half-shafts and CV joints, etcetera are. It seems that you possibly know more about half-shafts than I know.

That said, I’d have to wonder that if it was okay to use it then why would the manufacturer go through the trouble and expensive involved in two different versions?

Also, I’m not sure were you obtained the replacement, but I’d guess it could be exchanged UNLESS it was used.

If it was my decision to make I’d make other arrangements for a ride or put the old one in if it still functions or whatever until I got the correct piece or figured out the problem.

where is old shaft? with online stuff you get new shaft in box and return old shaft. not the other way around. or? go down to autozone or napa and pay more for another one and see if it fits better?
you can compare old/new?

I still have original but the piece that goes into tyranny is not to be found.

No. I wouldn’t try that if it were my car. Your job is gonna be more complicated without the old part to compare the new part to. If you visit a dealership shop when they aren’t busy, they might have the dimensional drawing they’ll print for you.

Other posters installing half shafts and having problems getting them seated into the transmission have left threads here. You could use the forum search feature to see how they addressed the problem. Click that magnifying glass icon, upper right.

I’m afraid I don’t follow you

If you have the original and the replacement, exactly what “is not to be found” . . . ?

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The end piece (tip) that goes into the tyranny. Its removable.

Could it be stuck in the transaxle?

Well, the newer one goes in, just not all the way(about 1/4" more to be seated fully)

the issue is with the stub axle into the trans? lots of videos online showing proper transfer of stub axle once the cv axle is

I know. The replacement shaft has one on it. I believe it’s from the original. Just cant figure out why it won’t seat all the way in. Even removed ring and still wont go all way in

Is it possible the old clip did not come out with the original shaft? It could be in the tranny.

Already checked. Not there. No debris either.

Checked it and its clear

post deleted …

Well, the tip on the replacement shaft is from the original. So now I definitely don’t see why it won’t seat all the way in. Shafts seem to be of equal lengths…?