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Honda Accord broken into for third time

My 1994 Honda Accord has been broken in to for the third time in 6 months. There is never a broken window, and I make certain by triple checking that it is locked. I think something is wrong with my locks. Has anyone ever heard of this? Any suggestions?

There are other ways to get into a car besides breaking a window.

Ever hear of a slim-Jim??

Or even a coat-hanger.

I’d be asking myself what was so attractive about breaking into my car, rather than worrying about the locks.

What’s in there that someone is after? Or are they trying to steal the car?

If they’re trying to steal the car they’re not very good.

Try to open your doors without unlocking them when you first go to the car in the morning. That should tell you if there is a problem with the locks. Your car is a popular target for parts. Is anything missing? If no parts are missing and you haven’t lost any personal goods, then you are fortunate. Don’t keep any personal goods in the car, and maybe the thief will forget about you.

How do you know your car has been broken into?

Yes, Honda Accords of this era had an issue with the door lock module in the drivers side door. The problem usually resulting with the module pulling all the locks on about every 5 seconds all night or until the battery went dead.