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Broken driver's side glass and speedometer stopped working

hello everyone, I have 2 problems regarding boyfriend’s car. thanks for your replies.

Green Honda accord LX, 170,000 miles

(1) the driver’s side window slipped all the way down. It looked like it was off its track. so boyfriend took pliers to pull the window up and surprise, the glass broke. (yes, i know not the smartest move here.) How hard is it to disassemble the inside car door to remove glass and try to install a new one or should he take it to a professional? is this expensive since he is low on cash?

(2) also, the speedometer stopped working? is this an electrical issue?

thank you

  1. not hard, but you have to be careful. There are screws and push-tabs holding the door panel on. Once you get the screws out (don’t forget the one under the door handle) if you yank too hard on it you’ll break the pushtabs. Once the door panel is off, if you need to take the moisture barrier off as well be very careful not to tear it any more than necessary. Removing the old glass will be easy. Installing the new glass will be a challenge as far as getting it lined up right.

  2. I don’t know, because I don’t know what year car we’re talking about. If it’s older and has a cable speedometer, then the cable broke.

thank you. sorry for not mentioning year. it is a 1996. I’ll show him what you wrote. wish there was a picture in manual.

Ah, then it’s an electrical problem. Either with the VSS (though you should get a check engine light if it’s that) or with the circuit board in back of the gauge cluster. Easiest fix for that is to replace the cluster with one from the junkyard, but then your odometer will not be accurate.

And the door disassembly procedure is shown in the Helms manual - - It’s a good investment if you’re going to do DIY repairs on your car.

I’ll pick one up at autozone. yes, i think he did mention the check engine light being on. I’ll show him what you wrote. thanks again!!!