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My car will not start

Every time I try to start my 95 Honda Accord, there is a fast clicking sound and the car will not start. All of the interior lights come on, and the car is full of gas, so I’m not quite sure what the problem might be.

My car did start before we were hit with all of this snow in MA, but now it’s not.

Can anyone offer any car wisdom as to why my car will not start? Thanks!!

The 2 most probable suspects are the battery and the serpentine belt. You can probably get it started with a jump or trickle charger, then have the battery, belt, and charging system checked, a standard practice if you do not replace the battery yourself.

And clean the battery terminals, making sure they’re good and tight. The symptoms just sound like not enough juice to the starter - weak battery and/or bad connections are usually it.

Sounds like a dead battery to me.

The interior lights take very little current. The starter needs a lot. Have the battery and the charging system tested.

Thanks so much for writing back and offering your advice, it had to do with the battery terminal.

Thanks for taking the time to help me with my vehicle, the battery terminal was to blame.

Thanks for your advice, the battery terminal was replaced. Thanks!

Pretty easy one here…

The Rapid clicking is your starter solenoid trying to make contact with the other end of the solenoid so that it can trip the switch to supply the starter motor with 12V from the battery. When you dont have enough battery voltage to properly energize the electromagnet in the solenoid it will bounce off the spring inside of it…rapidly…clicking

You need to charge your battery and make absolutely certain that your battery terminals and clamps are cleaned tightened and greased. They sell a 3 dollar tool at any auto parts place…it looks like a bullet. It has internal and external wire brushes designed to clean up your terminals and clamps…use it…grease the clamps tighten them and either get a jump start and then drive for a while…or charge the batt and retry starting…should work fine after that.