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1994 Acura Legend ABS light stays on

I have a 94 acura legend coupe, the abs light comes up when driving and stays on until I turn off the car, what could I do to fix it?

First step is to check your brake fluid level. If it’s low, you need to determine if it’s low because your pads have worn down too much in which case you need new brake pads, or because you have a leak, in which case the leak must, no delay, be found and fixed before too much fluid leaks out and you lose your brakes.

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Agree with @shadowfax! If the brake fluid is OK, the car is not leaking fluid and the brake pedal has not gotten mushy or very close to the floor when you step on it, you probably have a bad ABS wheel speed sensor. That means your ABS won’t work when you need it.


Is there one light for the ABS and another for the brakes? (See owners manual.)

Yes, and only the abs light is on. And it comes on only when driving, if I start the car the light stays off and when I go at like 10mph it turns on and stays on.

Juan Lizarralde

That does sound like a wheel speed sensor since you only get the warning when moving. I’d take it to a shop and let them hook their scanner to it. Shouldn’t cost that much. They’ll be able to narrow down what’s going on, then you can fix it yourself to save money if you decide to. That’s what I did when I had an airbag light illuminate. I had a hunch it was a crash sensor, but the shop was able to tell me which side the fault in the circuit was on, so I knew either the wiring or the sensor was bad on the passenger side. Wiring looked good, so I replaced the sensor and all was well again.