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Honda Accord 2003 cant stop skahing

I have a honda accord 2003 ex. I bought the car over a year ago. A couple months in with the car i started to feel that the car vibrates while in idle. I replace the motor mounts and the shaking is still there. When i drive the car at night with the headlights on the shaking gets worse. If i put it in neutral sometimes there is no shaking and sometimes you can feel it a little bit. Also, in the summer when i turn on the ac the shaking gets so much worse, even if i put it in neutral the shaking is still pretty bad. One more thing, when i turn on the heat and put the car in neutral there is not too much shaking. I just dont know what to do anymore. Please help

I had a friend that had the same problem with his 2005 accord, turned out that new spark plugs fixed it.

The next time the engine starts to shake when you turn on different accessories, check the RPM’s on the tachometer.

If the RPM’s are below 750, the problem might be with the Idle Air Control valve.

The IAC valve is suppose to keep the engine RPM’s at idle between 750-850 RPM’s no matter what accessories are turned on. If it fails to do that, the engine will idle rough. Especially when the AC is turned on.


Is the Check Engine light lit up?

@aanders999 ill check it out and see thank you though
@Tester Im pretty sure its lower then that but ill double check. thank you for the reply.
@VDCdriver the check engine light is not on

the check engine light is not on

Does the check engine light come on before you start it (shows it’s working).

Seems as if you put load on the engine at idle it’s shaking. Have the plugs ever been replaced?