We have a 2004 Impala and have been having trouble with the speedmeter moving ahead. Since Nov it has not been right, it buries itself. We have a GPS that we use to tell us how fast we’re going. Have you heard of this and what can we do? Our dealer said it would cost about $1000. They would have to pull the engine or something like that.

If it is no longer under warranty, forget the ‘stealer’. Find a good independent mechanic. I suspect the ‘Check Engine’ light is not on, which means the VSS (Vehicle speed sensor) is not a culprit, but more likely a bad speedo module within the gauge cluster. If your handy, you can call these guys to fix the gauge cluster if you remove it and mail it to them: http://www.bba-reman.com/us/index.aspx. Otherwise, a good independent mechanic can fix this for you a lot cheaper that that $1000 estimate, and without removing the engine.

After buying a GPS it occurred to me that it might substitute for a vehicle’s speedometer and odometer too if you use it diligently and periodically record your odometer reading and the date as a backup. On the other hand, if the speedometer sender signal is used for engine operation and is the source of the problem, you might need to get repairs. If your engine runs well, gets expected mileage and there are no trouble codes and check engine light out, then carry on.

Thanks, we will run this by our mechanic.

Thanks for your reply. The mileage seems to be correct and no engine codes have ever come on. But I would like to get it fixed if there is a cheaper way then pulling the engine head.

They do NOT have to pull the engine or the engine head to fix the speedometer!!! The ‘mechanic’ who told you that is a LIAR!!!

Find another shop QUICKLY!!! NEVER use these liars again!!!

You simply have an issue with the speedometer module in the gauge cluster. This can be repaired much cheaper than your quote. Even if they must replace the entire cluster (I doubt that) and re-flash it to your mileage and VIN.

Thanks for replying back. We are going to have our mechanic take a look at this. Thinking maybe we should even try calling GM.